Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's Up?

Seems I've been absent for ages - even slack about reading email and cruising the Blogs... It's summertime, and seriously I've taken ... and the livin' is easy!

I've spent some time in the yard - mowing and flower gardening. Since my dad had done the mowing for so long, it's a renewed experience, but not so bad. Just need to get the hang of cranking that string trimmer!

DS has decided that a year back with Mom is enough, so he got a full-time job and will finish his degree at night. He's moving mid August. They've taken advantage of his availability before school starts and sending him out of town to work for about three weeks. Most recently we've been getting ready for his move. I went with him Sunday to get some household items.

Remember back a few months ago I decided that buying a new recliner for 'my chair' was more economical than having my long love reupholstered (again)? Well...I just do not like the replacement - it's not my chair! So off to the shop went the old one, and DS is taking the new one. That is why it was still hanging around - he wanted the old one, but so sorry - he gets the new one.

He also gets the leather sofa. For the longest time I've wanted one with the slipcovered look. I looked around and new ones were out of my budget right now, but ... I found one at a local church charity shop that is dirty, but I want slipcovers anyway, so with a bit of cleaning ... and it's really nice - down stuffed. My idea started with making the covers, but then I found one that almost fits, so with a bit of alteration the 'bones' will be covered and I'll make the pillow covers.

And then there are the coffee and end tables - they go with the sofa... Yep, I found some old ones that I want to refinish. The round coffee table at Goodwill and the end table from the ReHabitat Store - relatively new here and I love it.

My hope is to end up with a sort of shabby chic, French country look. We'll see if what's in my head ends up on the furniture. It will also be something to keep me occupied while adjusting to the empty nest again.

So that brings me to these. This old vanity is one like my mom had when I was a chap - the table has these 'arms' that pull out on each side to which she had a skirt attached that matched the stool. I remember that she gave it to my aunt...and if I didn't know it was practically impossible, I'd say this is one in the same. It came from the ReHabitat Store. And then there's the cradle, to which DS said, "What is THAT for?" I said, decorative purposes -- and he looked quite relieved! It was on a sale day when I just dropped by a consignment store for about 70% off. Then I found a sweet little baby's comforter at the Goodwill - that you can hardly see - the old washer works wonders!!


  1. Great finds, Charlene! It's good to see you posting again as I've missed you. Love the cradel and the fabric with could have terrorized your son by saying it's for your grandchild! ;>)

  2. Geez Charlene !!! How the heck are you?? Looks like summer is being good to you, miss your CQ but I know how it goes... like the new decorating look your going for. Take care for now!


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