Saturday, June 21, 2008

Other Stitching and Such

I wanted to update the tiebacks for the drapes in my bedroom, so I took some of the linen I got from the big yard sale, added a bit of coordinating fabric, and stitched some vining flowers on them. I think they're pretty...

I've also finished two of the baby announcements for the coworker who is expecting her third child in July. She has a son and daughter now. The third one will be like the first for another boy, but I think I'll switch it around a bit to make them different.


  1. The tiebacks are beautiful, Charlene. And my, you have been busy! I love the announcements; they will be treasured!

  2. Love the tiebacks -- what a neat idea. Good to see you back -- I've been wondering what you were working on.

  3. i agree - tiebacks are a cute idea - and quick to sew.. yours are great.. i have been doing a bit more XS myself lately ;-)


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