Sunday, March 2, 2008

Bride's Tree - February Heart

~~Updated 3/3/08~~

Oops! Someone pointed out to me that I had omitted a few stitches in the upper left grape! She is fixed now, but a new photo is yet to be taken...

This ornament has been finished for over a week, but it’s not completed. Just got it pressed tonight, so thought I’d go ahead and post it before beginning on March – Flower or Flower Basket.

The design is from Best Wishes Ornaments by Rosewood Manor - stitched on 22ct Aida in Oatmeal using two strands of DMC cotton floss.


  1. A very nice design and you've done a great job! Does one berry on the left need 6 more stitches? Anyway, it looks great, good luck in finishing.

  2. Very nice. Congrats on finishing it.

  3. Hi Charlene,

    Great ornament! That's a fun SAL. So far all I've been doing is collecting designs. What's your favorite fabric to stitch on?

  4. You have really been enjoying your XS cycle! Are you missing CQ yet? =) This is a lovely heart.


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