Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cross Stitch Revisited

While I was looking for some fabric, I found some of the first cross stitch pieces I stitched and kept.
These two are printed backgrounds with stitching. The Rose was done in 1986 and the Hummers in 1993.
These were intended for my son's room, but never made it to display there! They were both done in 1988.
I'm sure this was intended as a baby gift, but something else must have seemed more appropriate! It is dated 1989.


  1. Hi Charlene, I have your other blog in my feed and I will now put this one in there. I have wondered if you fell off the planet. LOL but then I remembered that you did say you were coming over here for a while! Now I won't miss you either way. Glad all is well with you!!! PS I did not know you worked for a college, that must be fun...

  2. I'm sure each of these will find a purpose. Maybe your son will have a child who needs one of those Disney characters, or both. =)


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