Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008~ New Year ~

The New Year is approaching quickly, so it's time for a review of 2007.

What a great year it has been. Personally, I guess the most exciting thing has been that I've reached my goal weight. With lots of love and support from friends (Stash4Pounds) and family, I've lost 50 pounds. It took a little more than a year, but well worth the effort. I feel better, and feel like I look better as well. During the holidays, I've splurged a bit, but feel confident that the wagon is waiting for me to jump back on.

I've been a single Mom for 26 years, so my son and I are VERY close. He has been on his life path quest for several years, but this year he moved back home, with his Great Dane, Kilo, to go back to college and pursue a degree in computer networking. There have been some adjustments to make, especially for Pixie, but we're all getting along just fine - and Mom has to brag a bit and say he made the President's list for his first term!

My family lost two members this year, my mom's brother and her oldest sister, too. Mom's baby sister, my closest aunt, continues to battle ovarian cancer. The struggle is up and down, but we had a second Christmas during her battle this year. My dad has a growth on his kidney, and after several appointments for surgery having fallen through, it is once again scheduled for January 2. There have been lots of illnesses and losses throughout all the online lists, which is inevitable for such a vast community, and I continue to lift them during their struggles. I am very thankful for their prayers and positive thoughts during my family's valley times this year as well.

I continue to have what I fondly call Crafters' ADD - my attention goes from one thing to the next. That does not mean I love embroidery, tatting, or CQ any less, my focus is just someplace else for the time being. Currently it is Cross Stitch, and after about a 20 year hiatus, it has made its way back to the forefront! They've all made their way into focus at some point or other this year, and I've collected lots of stash for each, so I'll be ready when any of the others make their way into focus again!! I'm confident that they will - it just may be a while.

I mentioned to someone yesterday one of my favorite quotes, "The older I get, the more like me I become." I am refining the online groups I will continue to be active in. It's really hard for me to withdraw from them because friends on the lists are so dear, and the feelings there are warm and cozy. Many of the member friends are associated with several lists, so I'll continue to 'see' them on other lists, but of course they're more active on some than others. I do use Bloglines, so they will still be accessible through their blogs. Back to the original thought - refining commitments... Some lists are more active with projects, swaps, RRs, etc. and a part of the reason for leaving is that I don't want to falter when making promises to participate. I was in a Secret Santa swap on one of the lists, and my poor recipient is still waiting for her final gift/reveal. It's in there, ready to be wrapped and mailed, so it will be a New Year reveal for her!

I stumbled across a blog where the writer claimed to be tired of reading about this one or that ones apology for not posting in ever so long, and I agreed, so I too will be Blogging Without Obligation. I don't think there's anything earth shattering about the things I share, so does it really make a difference if I miss a few days? My intent is to share photos or ideas, or seek suggestions from friends. I do like for you to stop by, and love to hear your comments, but you really don't want to read something I've had to make up just to say I posted today! Like I said earlier, I use BlogLines, and it tells me when my friends or other blogs I've indicated have updated their blogs so there's no time wasted dropping by to see if they have been.

And so for the New Year I wish us all happiness, health, joy, peace, and love.


  1. What a super post! I hope that all your dreams, wishes and prayers are answered in 2008! Happy New Year!

  2. Hi,
    Happy New Year to you too.
    congrats on reaching your goal weight, you look terrific in your profile photo.
    I hope your family have a better year healthwise.
    I love your quote, and I feel the same way.
    here's to a brighter and better New Year!

  3. Hi, Charlene! Thanks for sharing YOU with all of us!!! I hope you have a good year and that it brings health and happiness to all! It's funny, but cross stitch is working its way back into my life as well! Those olllllldddd projects that just cling on! LOL!

  4. Hi Charlene,

    I can really relate to your Crafters ADD remark; I have way too many stashes also, including a whole lot of cross stitch, yarn, and quilt fabric not to mention CQ stuff....time to focus, right?

    Best wishes for the New Year, may it be happy and healthy!

  5. Hi Charlene! Thanks for pointing to your blog! Love your Olde Time Santas. They're beautiful!

    Happy New Year!


  6. The difference it makes is that your friends are very nosey and we all want to know what you are doing *every day*, even if it isn't stitchy related. =)

    I liked reading your post and reflections about the year. BTW, your welcome to take all the time you want. I like surprises any time of the year - and anyway, that video had to cost you a fortune, so you've really more than fulfiilled your Santa role!

  7. You know this blog qualifies for my Stitchy Fingers webring, don't you? =) Check it on the sidebar of DesertskyQuilting - yeah, this is an invitation. =)


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