Friday, November 23, 2007

Cross Stitch

~~~ Updated 11/23/07 ~~~

I finished another part of Santa's Closet yesterday - his Boots. I was so hasty in getting the picture, I had not cut them apart, but they're finished except for that!

I had a conversation with Susan about scans or photos for more clarity in beaded pictures. The photos below are scans. These with gold edging are photographs. What is your opinion?

I finished Santa's Coat last night. Again, the scarf was done as separate pieces attached with stitches to the collar of the coat. It's about 3x4 or so.

It has been SO long since I did any cross stitch, but I decided to do a few ornaments for Christmas presents this year. It has been a lot of fun beginning to work on them! 11/17/07

This is the little Gingerbread Man 3 x 4.

And what a cute beaded Santa - 2 x 3.25. Santa's Closet is the name of for this Mill Hill grouping - there are six. I'm working on his jacket now. These are done on perforated paper. I was surprised that the 'boggan was worked separately then attached to the head.


  1. Those are really cute! I like the coloring of the Santa. I just downloaded a bunch of stockings that were done on paper, but I think I'll probably do them on aida.

  2. I really like the gingerbread man. I have just done several snowmen on a dark blue aida and have some red lying in my stash - so now I know what I shall use it for.. just need to find a suitable design- and that should not be too hard!!!

  3. Okay, comparing the two, the photos came out darker, but I think they are clearer, and the color is better. I'm amazed at your Santa! Doing that scarf separately must have been a pain in the tush!

  4. Between your wonderful projects and Pam K's freebies, I am fighting the urge to pick up my DMC and Aida cloth me~~~~~~~


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