Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Split Ring

It's not so easy to take a photo with one hand, but I've tried to demonstrate closing a split ring for Laurie from the needle_tat group to see.

After you've loaded on all your stitches for the ring, start pulling the core thread through while holding the stitches, just as if you were making a regular ring.

Put the needle through the loop that is coming up under your left hand, from back to front (or right to left) and continue pulling until the ring is closed.

Viola - a split ring.

1 comment:

  1. THANK YOU! :)

    I guess I'm a "visual learner" and that helps a lot. (And I think the tutorials I tried to follow left that "put needle through loop" part out? Or maybe it's something that should be perfectly obvious and I just don't follow directions well the first couple of times around.

    I thought randomly I could "save" my first practice efforts if I just sneak the needle through the loop at the end of the hanging chain ...duh? ;)

    Thanks for going above & beyond with 1 arm photo shoot!!


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