Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Stitching in the Heat

Here we are, coming up to the end of July.  We celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend with dinner at a local Chinese food buffet.  She really seemed to enjoy it.  

Last year I said my focus this year would be completing Blackbird Designs, Anniversaries of the Heart.  It hasn't worked out that way, but at least one has been done, and another is on the q-snaps.  For anyone who isn't familiar, this was a 12-part series started in 2010 that was designed to recognize and honor various family members.  I chose to stitch each of them on one piece of 32ct Autumn Fields linen. I believe 30ct was recommended, but if  I were starting it now, it would be on 40ct...

July 24 #31

Swan Lake
Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart
32ct Autumn Fields

I received this little angel - Christmas variety - from Sara this week.  Isn't she adorable - just stepped out of the choir.  Hop over to Sara's Facebook page, Triple S Crafts to see more of her cute designs.  She is such a talented crochet artist.  

Hope you're having a great summer, getting a bit of rain once in a while, and staying cool.

Peace * Love * Joy
Charlene in SC


  1. I have yet to BEGIN my AotH!!!! I will though. Lookin' great!

  2. Congratulations on getting Swan Lake finished! I love the 'shade' of the autumn field fabric you are using. I have a few pieces that are on the dark side. Stay cool!

  3. Lovely new finish, Charlene! And your gift from Sara is so sweet... Hope you're having a relaxing summer so far!

  4. Rain? What's that?? Ugh! That's a good start to your Anniversaries piece... inch by inch... And what a cute little angel! Hugs!

  5. Even if you don't do all of them, you're doing more than you might have if it hadn't been your focus. =) Beautiful piece.


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